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COURT SIZE – Court size – 48 feet x 24 feet (each side is 24 feet x 24 feet)

NET HEIGHT – Volley Ball Net will be used (7 Feet 4 inches)

  1. Each team will consist of 4 players and maximum of 2 substitutes (optional). Teams can substitute only when it is their turn to serve or when it is an emergency. You can substitute 2 times regardless of the points.
  2. Teams will be divided into groups. Knockout round starts after each team has played the teams in their group.
  3. Players are expected to be at the court at least 15 minutes prior to the game. If the players fail to show up the match will be canceled and the opponent will be declared a winner.
  4. A team can take one time-out of 30 seconds each during a set (unless there is an emergency), maximum of 3 timeouts in one match.
  5. Service (under the arm is fine) is within five seconds after the referee whistles and is done from the service zone, without crossing the end line but can serve from anywhere behind the line.
  6. Jump/Running serve and Jump catch is allowed, but Jumping and Throwing during the rally is not allowed (Feet shouldn’t off the ground). Walking or running more than 1 step with the ball before throwing is not allowed.
  7. The service ball must not touch the net. Players cannot touch the net during the play. Rally ball can touch the net (but cannot touch the antenna) and reach the other side.
  8. During the rally, (not for service) a ball tried to get caught and missed (not intentionally pushed or tried to catch with one hand) by a player, can be caught by another player and thrown (provided, neither of those involve body touch).
  9. There will be a 2 feet line marked from the center line. The ball falling in that box/line is foul. The ball must cross the 2 feet line when throwing. Player’s foot touching/crossing the 2 feet line (while catching the ball) is ok; however, players should not stand or step into 2 feet area and throw. If you have to step in and catch the ball, take a step backward and throw. This is to avoid players standing in the 2 feet line and dunking.
  10. During the rally, catching and throwing the ball bounced from the net is NOT allowed.
  11. The ball must be caught at once with both hands, without any movement of the ball within the hands.
  12. The ball is thrown within three seconds after being caught, only from above the shoulder line (over arm) and only with one hand. Double arm throw is not allowed.
  13. If the player catches the ball outside of the court, she must come inside or step on the boundary line before throwing the ball to the other side. Throwing the ball outside of the court is foul.
  14. During the rally, if the player catches the ball outside of the court, it is not allowed to throw the ball from outside (Player suppose to touch the line at least & throw the ball back).
  15. Double touch is foul; 2 players are not allowed to catch the ball simultaneously.
  16. The ball falling on the boundary line is good.
  17. During the play or rally, players cannot cross the net and obstruct the opponent team.
  18. The ball should not be touched with any part of the body other than the palm when catching or throwing (body touch).
  19. Catching on the left side and throwing on the right hand is fine.
  20. Rotating 360 degrees (yourself, not the ball) after catching is fine, provided if it is less than 3 sec.
  21. LAST but not least Referee's call is FINAL. Even if it was wrong call, the decision stays FINAL. Arguing with Referee is strictly NOT allowed.


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