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Spandana Spelling Bee FAQ

# What is Spandana Spelling Bee?
Spandana Spelling Bee is a competitive event for all school goers till from 1st to 8th grade. It is a platform for students in Bay Area to improve and advance skills associated with good spelling habits.
# What is the Venue, Date and Time Spandana Spelling Bee is conducted?
Venue:  Quail Run Elementary , 
San Ramon, CA
Date:  24th February 2018 (Saturday)
Time:  8:00AM-6PM (Staggered schedule)
# Who is eligible to participate in the contest?
Students from 1st till 8th Grade from any public or private schools in Bay Area are eligible to participate in this contest.
# How is the contest conducted?
Participants are categorized into three groups’ viz. Junior Bee, Intermediate Bee and Senior Bee. A written Test will be conducted for each category followed by Oral Competition.
# How are the winners recognized?
Top 3 spellers will be announced as winners in each category.  We will also recognize 3 winners in each grade. It is possible that grade winner can also be a category winner.
# Does the Spelling Bee have different Categories? What are they?
There are three categories as below
Junior Bee        - 1st grade to 3rd grade
Intermediate Bee    - 4th grade to 5th grade
Senior Bee        - 6th grade to 8th grade
# How can I register my children for the contests?
Please register for Spandana Spelling Bee 2018 using below link and make a note that you can register only one kid at a time. 
Spelling Bee Registration
# What if I get an error in using Online Registration?
Please reach out Spandana Core Team at
# Is there any entry fee for parents and/or visitors? 
No. It's free for all the visitos associated with a participant.
# Would there be a food stall? 
Yes. Spandana Foundation volunteers would set up a food stall during entire event. All the proceeds will go to Spandana Foundation and will be used to help needy back at home.  
# What is the deadline for online registration?
15th February 2018 11:00PM or First 300 registrations whichever comes sooner.
# Can I check my registration status?
Participant will receive confirmation emails once registration is completed successfully. Check the UPDATES folder if you are using GMAIL. Also they will receive periodic emails on updates prior to the event.
# How do I update my registration?
Once registration is submitted it cannot be updated. For any concerns/queries participant can reach Spandana Team members at
# What are payments options for registration fee?
Participant can only pay online using our website.
# If I decide to cancel registration later, will the registration fee be refunded?
No refunds can be made once registration is completed successfully.
# I have received registration confirmation, but I see only my information in that, I don't find my kids information. 
You received only donor information in the registration confirmation Email, please consider this as receipt and keep this for tax deduction purpose. We have captured participant related details in our databse. We will catogorise them based on grade and share you the final information one week before the event. 

# Where would I find the material for the contest?

Spandana Spelling Bee 2018 event committee will provide 400-500 words list for each category that you registered for. The words for Spelling Bee contest will not necessarily be from this list of words but will help participants as a reference document. Please contact if you didn't receive the practice words one week after registration. 

# Who do I contact if I get an error while trying to download the practice words?
Please reach out Spandana Team members at
# What do I need to bring to the contest on the day of the event?
Nothing as such, material required for Written Test will be provided by the event committee.


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