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We have around 130 orphan kids in our orphange home and use to send them local schools. The mount we were spending towards their schooling and transportation from orphanage home to school and back was getting costlier year by year. More over all these orphan kids are with different tragic background and their behaviour was certainly not like normal kids. Hence they needed much more personal attention compared to normal kids to improve attitude and personality development.


Spandana School


To save some dollars and pay more attention towards our own orphan kids, Spandana Foundation has established a Sai Spandana Digi school in 2012. Within short period, Spandana School has become one of very promising education institution in Warangal town by providing quality education. Children from very poor families from surrounding places ranging from 5km to 10 km radius started approaching Spandana Foundation for free/discounted education. In order to extend quality education to underprivileged local kids, Spandana Foundation bought a school bus for transportation in 2015. Now we have 345 children studying in school. 

Students number by class
 S.No Class   Students
1 Nursery-A 30
Nursery-B 32 
LKG 29 
4 UKG 35
5 First Grade 41
6 Second Grade 55
7 Third Grade 41
8 Fourth Grade 30
9 Fifth Grade 17
10 Sixth Grade 19
11 Seventh Grafe 16
12 Eighth Grade 13
  Total Students 345


Sai SPANDANA Digi SCHOOL Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
Teacher Name
Classes they teach
Subject they teach
Experience Educational
No. Exp. in Years Qualification
1 R. Shobhakiran Correspondent English 33 years M.A.,B.Ed.,
2 Ch. Rajeswara rao Principal Social 35 years M.A.,M.Ed.
3 B. Raju 6th to 8th English & Science 8 Years M.B.A.,M.A.,B.Ed.
4 R. Raju 5th to 8th Maths 1 year B.Sc, B.Ed
5 P. Srilatha LKG All subjects 3 Years B.Sc.,B.Ed.
6 P. Jhansi Rani 1st to 6th Hindi 4 Years B.A.,HPT
7 S. Sravani 1st to 3rd Telugu & social 1 year B.Com, B.Ed
8 B. Kusuma sree UKG to 5th English & Science 4 Years B.Com
9 P. Laxmipriya UKG to 3rd Science & English 5 Years B.Sc.
10 T. Sudheer Kumar 4th to 7th Science & Social 3 Years B.Tech.
11 P. Shobhan babu 2nd to 5th Science & telugu 3 Years B.Sc
12 A. Anuradha 3rd to 8th telugu 5 Years D.Ed
13 K. Ravi 1st to 4th Maths 5 Years B.Sc, B.Ed
14 B. Raj kumar 1st to 8th computers 2 year B.Com
15 S. Pavani Nursery All subjects 1 year B. Com
16 P. Amulya UKG to 4th english 1 year B.Sc
17 G. Sharabandham Nur to 8th sports 35 years PET
Non Teaching Staff
1 N. rajamma Attender      
2 D. Amrutha Aaya      
3 Ramesh bus driver      
4 Ganga devi bus cleaner      
5 Sureka Aaya      

Click here for Spandana school expenses for year 2015-16.  

 Spandna school photos: 

School Bus

Spandana Foundation is very happy to announce $ADAY project to support these deserving needy people. With your generous contribution of just dollar a day ($30 per month), we can assure continued support to these underprivileged and very deserving needy people back at home. 

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