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Classes they teach
Subject they teach
Experience Educational No. Exp. in Years Qualification 1 R. Shobhakiran Correspondent English 33 years M.A.,B.Ed., 2 Ch. Rajeswara rao Principal Social 35 years M.A.,M.Ed. 3 B. Raju 6th to 8th English & Science 8 Years M.B.A.,M.A.,B.Ed. 4 R. Raju 5th to 8th Maths 1 year B.Sc, B.Ed 5 P. Srilatha LKG All subjects 3 Years B.Sc.,B.Ed. 6 P. Jhansi Rani 1st to 6th Hindi 4 Years B.A.,HPT 7 S. Sravani 1st to 3rd Telugu & social 1 year B.Com, B.Ed 8 B. Kusuma sree UKG to 5th English & Science 4 Years B.Com 9 P. Laxmipriya UKG to 3rd Science & English 5 Years B.Sc. 10 T. Sudheer Kumar 4th to 7th Science & Social 3 Years B.Tech. 11 P. Shobhan babu 2nd to 5th Science & telugu 3 Years B.Sc 12 A. Anuradha 3rd to 8th telugu 5 Years D.Ed 13 K. Ravi 1st to 4th Maths 5 Years B.Sc, B.Ed 14 B. Raj kumar 1st to 8th computers 2 year B.Com 15 S. Pavani Nursery All subjects 1 year B. Com 16 P. Amulya UKG to 4th english 1 year B.Sc 17 G. Sharabandham Nur to 8th sports 35 years PET Non Teaching Staff 1 N. rajamma Attender       2 D. Amrutha Aaya       3 Ramesh bus driver       4 Ganga devi bus cleaner       5 Sureka Aaya      

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