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Spandana Orphanage Home

For underprivileged and most deserving orphans with HIV

Empowering struggling orphanas to move beyond mere survival

In February of 2016, Spandana Foundation core team members were in India doing humanitarian work when they came across a group of HIV positive orphaned children. 15 children, full orphans, had gathered into a tiny room with dirt floors and cinder block walls to eat their meal for the day being provided by a local organization. who has been suffering from lack of financial suppoort for past 2 years and urged Spandana Foundation for immediate help for basic needs. The children ranged from ages 3 to 14, and there wasn't a parent or guardian in sight. They were completely alone.These children had no families, no proper clothing, and no sense of stability whatsoever. They needed a place to call home.

After spending time with these children, we simply could not turn our eyes and hearts aside. These children needed a safe place to call home, and we were determined to make that happen.Spandana Foundation decided to adopt this orphanage home completely and pave a platform for their bright future.


Spandana Orphanage Home


S.No Name Parents Age HIV Link
1 Kavyasri Sundilla No parents 13 Yes
2 Aswitha Thakkalapalli Single parent 11 Yes
3 Kommu Manusha No parents 6 Yes
4 Swathi Battula No parents 4 No
5 Uma Battula Single Parent 3 No
6 Karthik Mangari Single Parent 12 Yes
7 Rakesh Battula Single Parent 5 No
8 Vishnu Mangari Single Parent 11 Yes
9 Ganesh Battula No parent 8 No
10 Eshwar Mangari Single Parent 11 Yes
11 Abhishek Rangineni Single Parent 6 No
12 Prashanth Rangineni Single Parent 7 No
13 Devaraju Rangineni Single Parent 6 No
14 Varun Reddy Kandojugari Single Parent 13 Yes
15 Manishwar Kemsaram No parent 6 No


 Tollywood lyricist Chandrabose visited our orphanage soon after performing in our Diwali Dhamaka - 2015 event. Thank you Chandrabose garu. 

Spandana Foundation is very happy to announce this orphanage home under our $ADAY project. With your generous contribution of just dollar a day ($30 per month), we can assure continued support to these underprivileged and very deserving needy people back at home.

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A small help with a kind heart can go a long way
Make a big difference to our motherland from half the globe away


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Contact us at:
Flat#25, Near Hanuman Temple, Agraharam, Vemulawada, Karimnagar, Telangana





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