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We strongly believe that one of the most significant factors in the success of any organization is the commitment of members to guide and promote the organization. Spandana is driven and lead by its members. Members are the lifeblood of Spandana and they play decisive role in shaping up activities.

We have two types of membership:


Core Member

Core members form heart of the organization. They play critical role in day-to-day functioning, executing initiatives and projects undertaken by Spandana. Core Members are expected to contribute — not just of their time, ideas but also a financial commitment of $25 per month to the organization. In today’s fast-paced world, most people value their time, perhaps even more than they value their financial assets. If a core member is willing to give of their time, it goes without saying that they have a belief in the organization and its programme. Therefore, they are generally also willing to make the financial commitment needed to make this organization succeed.

Core members will carry out the functions of executing projects, conducting fund raising activities, researching major donor prospects, setting up project meetings and working with on-shore and off-shore volunteers. Core members will closely work with all stakeholders to strategize about donors and how best to approach them, help identify and motivate other members, and serve as a leadership example for others by contributing to the organization at significant levels. 

  • Subscribed to Core Membership
  • Members can initiate any service activity under any project using Spandana Model
  • Members can join Spandana Board – a decision making body
  • All the responsibilities/benefits of group member explained below
  • Joining as core member is a 2 step process: 
    • Step-1: Click here to join us as a group member
    • Step-2: Set up recurring donation of $25 per month using PayPal link below. Don't forget to mention "Core Member" in the description text box.


Group Member

Group members are those who subscribed to Spandana communication group and are willing to donate their time, ideas and make financial contributions infrequently. These members are of type who are ready to support the organization from time to time but unable to spend more time with organizational activities regularly with commitment. They actively participate in Spandana projects whenever they have time and make financial contributions also on a case-by-case basis. They don’t make monthly financial contributions like core members do but do make them off and on. Please click here to join us as a group member. 

  • Subscribed to Spandana communication group
  • Group members will get communication through news letter
  • Members donate to needy people and/or initiatives published in the news letter
  • Members volunteer to services activities announced from time to time  
  • Member may participate in “My Social Responsibility” initiative

We encourage all our members to choose their suitable and convenient membership. We don’t compel any individual to join in any particular membership group. It is always member’s choice! Both types of members are equally important to us! We constantly look for volunteers who are leaders in the community, who have demonstrated an interest in the organization, who have the capability to inspire other people to action and who are interested to make a positive difference in poor lives back home in India. We don’t distinguish people based on race, religion, sex or any other factor, any individual is encouraged to join us.

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