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a.If you already know about the GP/Ward Basic Information: Click on the "Interested in Becoming a Partner - Register" button on the web site, Select the District, Mandal and GP/Ward of your interest, fill in all the details of the application form, accept the terms and conditions and click on Submit.
b.If you want to know about the GP/Ward Basic Information: Click on "Enter My Village" button, traverse through the maps till constituency, select the Mandal/Municipality and Gram Panchayat/Ward in the drop downs and click on Village Profile to see basic information available about the GP/Ward. Click on Partner view and if it shows an orange button called Partner for the GP/Ward selected, click on it, fill in all the details and complete the registration process.
An acknowledgement email will come to the applicant immediately.
District Administrators (Collectors) will approve the registration request by looking at the credentials submitted. Once approved, an approval email will come with your login and password details, along with Mandal/Municipality and Gram Panchayat/Ward Representative contact details. It may take some time for this approval process as the District Administration has to follow a process of getting the consent of the GP/Ward Committee consent and enable you as a Partner.
 Step 2 :Become familiar with the Gram Panchayat(GP)/Ward and its Committee Members.
Once the Partnership is approved, the concerned MPDO/Municipal Commissioner, GP / Ward Committee members contact details are sent in the approval email. Using these details, please contact the MPDO / Municipal Commissioner and Gram Panchayat Committee/Ward Committee members and arrange for a personal meeting with them in the Gram Panchayat or Ward partnered to develop. Become familiar and friendly with the GP/Ward and the citizens. You can also do this step by appointing your representative and /or using latest communication technologies like net meeting/ video chat. The Partner will have to get the contact details of Anganwaadi Workers/Helpers, ANM(Health Department), FP Shop Owner, SHG Group Book Keepers, Cluster Resource Person(Education) and Agriculture Officer(AO) of that Gram Panchayat or Ward from the MPDO/Commissioner.
Traverse through the Portal to know statistical and basic information about the Gram Panchayat/Ward. Click on "Enter My Village" and traverse by selecting the district, constituency, mandal/municipality/corporation and Gram Panchayat/Ward. Please click on the "Village Profile Tab". You will see some historical details listed about that Gram Panchayat / Ward for your basic understanding. You can click on different aspects listed on the left hand side menu of that Gram Panchayat / Ward to understand more.
 Step 3 : Establish the current conditions of the Gram Panchayat / Ward on the 20 Non Negotiable Performance Indicators.
Partner, along with the Village Ward Committee members will take a view of the present conditions of the GP/Ward related to 20 Non Negotiable commitments of the program. Partner along with village committee members will do a Base Line Survey in order to gather the facts of 20 Non Negotiable Developmental Commitments.
Base Line Survey can be done manually in a focussed group by downloading the Village/Ward Survey/QPA format from the web in the Download/About section. The group can be the GP/Ward Committee, Ration/FP Shop persons, Anganwaadi Workers/Helpers, ANM(Health Department), Agriculture Officer, SHG Book Keepers, VRO and some active members of that GP/Ward. The data of the manually filled up survey sheet can be entered using the data entry form provided in the Village/Ward Committee/Partner Login of the Portal . Village/Ward Committee Login details can be obtained from the concerned MPDO(Rural) or Municipal Commissioner(Urban). These will be provided to the Sarpanch/Corporator/Councillor/Partner/Active Committee Member of the GP/Ward.
Base Line Survey can also be done using Geo-Tagging by downloading a Smart Village Mobile Application from the Portal Download section. A GPS enabled Android Smart Phone is necessary along with Internet Pack to perform this. This survey will provide accurate, on the ground reality of the conditions related 20 Non Negotiable Commitments of this Smart Village Smart Ward Program.The Survey will Pictorially Geo-Tag all the assets/households of that Gram Panchayat/Ward and place on to Google Maps. This survey results will also reflect directly into the portal and automatic reports can be generated. This survey can be done by an active internet/mobile app user of the Gram Panchayat/ Ward. This kind of survey can also be done by professionals for which you can contact . This can be a minimal first financial contribution from the Partner. This kind of Smart survey will provide a realistic and real time view of the GP/Ward with respect to 20 Non Negotiables of the Smart program. Gram Panchayat / Ward Boundaries, Roads, all the main public assets and households are pictorially captured, digitized and placed in maps for easy visualization and navigation of the Gram Panchayat / Ward from anywhere in the world.A sample of professionally done Geo-Tag Survey can be looked at by viewing the "Chittoor- Chandragiri- Kandulavaripalle" . A Report Card along with the 20 Non Negotiables Summary Report are automatically created in the portal once the base line survey is done.
 Step 4 :Establishment of Donorable Assets/Activities.
Once the Baseline Survey is done, Donorable Assets are Activities are automatically formed based on the Conditions of the Assets and Livelihood status. These Donorable Assets / Activities are automatically derived on the web site for each Gram Panchayat / Ward related to 20 Non Negotiable Commitments of the Program. Partner along with the Gram Panchayat/Ward Committee/Partner will be able to add/delete/modify these donorable assets under the Partner Login. Partner will also apply the government schemes and finalize the donorable assets/activities that require gap funding.Partner along with the GP/Ward committee will use subject matter experts to publish the estimations for each identified Donorable Activity/Asset of the GP/Ward.
 Step 5 :Apply Government Schemes Available, Understand Sectoral Partner Role and Establish Gap Funding Required.
For each of the 20 Non Negotiable Commitments, there are government schemes available. Sector Partners might also have registered to take on development activities on certain specific sectors/interests. Using the partner login details, you can view these details along with contact details of sector partners. Work with the Village / Ward Committee and the MPDO / Municipal Commissioner and apply these schemes. Perform GAP Analysis and see which donorable assets or activities require additional gap funding. Using the Partner Login details, the Assets/Activities that require gap funding can be added/modified/deleted along with the estimates. The estimation can be done using subject matter experts.
 Step 6: Bring in Support Partners for Gap Funding.
Partner along with the Village Committee can invite Citizens/NRVs/NRIs who can view different Donorable Activities/Assets that require Gap funding of the GP/Ward They can come forward to sponsor for any Donorable Activity/Asset and become a Support Partner. Potential Support Partners can view the Donorable Assets/Activities by clicking on "Enter My Village" by selecting the district, constituency, mandal/municipality/corporation and Gram Panchayat / Ward. All the Donorable Assets / Activities along with estimates can be seen by clicking on the "Donorable Assets" tab. Support Partners can click on "Sponsor" button to register as Support Partners. Support Partners will also be provided with login details. Support Partners can use the login to monitor the progress, view comments of villagers and make payments for the sponsored activity.
 Step 7 : Monitor Progress and Report.
Partner along with the Village Committee will ensure that the progress is captured and update the Donorable activity/progress reports on half year basis. Partner will look at the measurement of progress in terms of 20 Non Negotiable Indicators and self declares as a Smart Village once all of them are met fully. The Report Card along with Grading system is automatically provided on the Portal. Emphasis should be made to move to A grade on all 20 Non Negotiable Commitment Indicators. If any best practices are followed to achieve a result of any Commitment Indicator, it can be published using the Best Practices Data Entry Form listed in the Partner Login. Awards can be obtained by the government for such best practices and achievements to 'A' grade on the 20 Non Negotiable Commitment Indicators. A special officer will also be assigned for each Gram Panchayat or Ward to oversee the progress and report on a monthly basis.
Ensure to download and go through the step by step Training material published in the " DownLoad -> Training section " of the web site Partnership Process, Partner Login, Village/Ward Committee login training material is very important to go through.


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