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 Spandana Art Competition 2015


 Click here for December 19th, 2015 - Milpitas Event 


Click here for December 20th, 2015 - San Ramon Event


We raised $2400 from Milpitas event

We raised $1400 from San Ramon event

Spandana is working on transferring $2400 to Bhoomika,

$1400 to NAAM Foundation, 

$250 (from art competition) to Bay Area Tamil Manram 


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Chennai and other coastal areas in Tamil Nadu are currently reeling from non-stop rain and floods over the last few weeks. While we all keep praying for it to end, there is unfortunately more rain that is expected over the week. Thousands of people are stranded and are left without the basics - water, food, dry clothes, blankets, etc. What's more important now is the rehabilitation of people who have lost their livelihoods. The aftermath of the floods will be spreading of contagious diseases, people who can't go back to their destroyed homes and orphanages and old age homes. The need of the hour and for future will be medical help, and long term rehabilitation. 
Please donate what you can, and may be a little more. Any amount of money you are able to give will be greatly appreciated, even a dollar, which can be used to buy 2-3 liter-bottles of water. 



Donor Name Donation Amount Donation Mode Donation Date
BHUJANGA R LANKIPALLI 500.00 Paypal 12/31/2015
Samar Kanguri 100.00 Paypal 12/31/2015
Gurjeet Singh 100.00 Paypal 12/25/2015
Raveendra Chitluru 100.00 Paypal 12/23/2015
srinivasulu siddireddy 30.00 Paypal 12/20/2015
Sowmya Raj 30.00 Paypal 12/20/2015
Shyam Puligadda 20.00 Paypal 12/19/2015
Uma Ravi 30.00 Paypal 12/19/2015
Bala Swamy 30.00 Paypal 12/18/2015
Jayanthi Ravikumar 100.00 Paypal 12/17/2015
  • Total Received 2,752.00
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