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Siraj Pasha is a meritorious student from Mahabubnagar with a very good track record from a very poor family. He secured 90% in 10th class and 95.4% in Intermediate. Siraj Pasha's parents are daily labor's and they strive for their basic things like food and clothes for their family. He is now pursuing his B.Tech First year in C.S.E from Srinidhi Engg College, Hyderabad. Spandana Foundation granted merit scholarship of Rs 5000 ($85) based on our Pratibha team evaluation.

Educational Details

Grade/ClassEducational Institute%Marks
b-tech (1-1) sree nidhi institute of science and technology 82.3%
SSC Little scholars high school 90.0
IPC IPC 95.4


Family Background

Gulam Gouse Father employee
we live happily with what ever we have and ours is a poor and nice family


Financial Background

Family Annual Income: 1.6-2.1lac
Home: Own
Loans: Education loan
Total Property: --------
Other Income: -------
Source of Income: fathers job
Major annual recurring expenses: 1.3-1.5lac


Certificates & Achievements

btech(1-1) certificate btech(1-2) certificate IPC


Other Details


Fee Detail

Total fee/annum: Rs 75,600
Scholarship Amount requesting: Rs 5,000
Scholarship Amount granted: Rs 5000 ($85)


Why should Spandana Help?

As i'm poor and need help from social organisation which has a great concern to help needy

For queries, Please contact


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