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Senior Category:


effectuate exiguous fuchsia
vinaigrettes stymie femur
sauterne mayonnaise troadic
paralysis marshmallow gregarious
oases evanescent implement
horrible inept preemptive
treatise immature grandiloquent
foreign chameleon illuminate
iridescent overvoltage inaccurate
warbler stiletto callus

Intermediate Category:


utensil omniscient statistician
hebdomadal celsius isosceles
combustible debacle choreograph
Netherlander motley catachresis
license biblical gazelle
balm brandish cerulean
gasconade lapideous haggis
blitzkrieg behest defendant
epic muscle yawn
freight Illinois logistician


Junior Category:


clawed opacate abstract
quagga fray kindergarten
hydrocarbon flora rodeo
infamous buoyant bifocal
ludicrous museum educable
stamina oxygen grabbed
amuse pseudonym yawn
regime breakfast short
thick advocacy axiom
hoax forty fossil




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