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      There are 500 students and 20 teachers in ZPHS.Yellareddypet. There are enough classrooms and some of them were ruined, one which is being used for science laboratory. We need a science lab to teach students by experimental method which is so useful for students and is better than discussion and lecture methods. This school has basic science laboratory materials for children.


      We are going to develop a new room as a science lab. In that room we want to construct Selves, Cupboards and platforms etc. to do science experiments.




  • 25” x 6” x 2” ( Length x breadth x height)  and
  • 18” x 6” x 1“ ( with tiles)


  • 6” x 4”x 1” ( with transparent glass ) to preserve chemicals


  • 15” x 4” x 4” in middle of the room.

And sinks with water facility on both sides of the platform. We need a gas pipeline to do experiments with Bunsen burner. A table and a chair also need to demonstrate an experiment by teachers.25 stools also need to sit 25 students at a time in the lab while doing experiments. A rolling board also needs to write results of an experiment.

There are 5 science (Bio Science-2, Physical science -3) teachers to do experiments and 15 other subject teachers to give best suggestions to students. If possible projectors also need to show live experiments to students digitally.


Estimated cost of renovation for science lab: Rs 1, 50,000-00(One lakh fifty thousand rupees only)



  • School has toilets for girls and boys and are in usable condition but not sufficient.
  • Extra and separate toilets for boys, girls and Staff are being constructed by the Infosys Foundation.
  • Infrastructure needs to be developed/upgraded in terms of smart classes, sports equipment, subject/science labs, library, remedial teaching to some extent
  • This school requires smart boards, internet facilities, and digital content and needs to be upgraded the computer lab, library and a separate teacher for remedial teaching.
  • This school has safe (RO) drinking water facility for students and teachers.
  • This school is not satisfied with the existing infrastructure and it needs to be upgraded.

Funding Requirement for Lab Renovation:

150,000 INR ~ 2300 USD



Science lab1 Now  Science lab2 Now 
 Science lab3 Now  Science lab4 Now
Science lab Tobe Develped1 Science lab Tobe Develped2




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