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Padyaala Thoranam

Spandana Foundation, a registered non-profit organization both in India and USA, has been actively organizing several community service activities across USA and social responsibility initiatives in India for past four years. Spandana’s main objective is to encourage all NRI's who participated in its cultural programs to take up social responsibility activities at their respective Villages/Schools in India. Spandana developed a model called 'Spandana Model' that would facilitate NRI's to sponsor talented poor students under PRATIBHA project, provide basic infrastructure under VIDYALAYA project, conduct a health camp under CHEYUTHA project and organize natural calamity relief activities under AASHRAYA project using Spandana resources in India at their native place or in a school where they have studied. Spandana sponsored more than 2000 students under PRATIBHA project during 2008-09 academic year so far by involving hundreds of NRI's. For more details please check here.

As part of community service initiatives abroad, Spandana recently decided to organize "PADYAALA THORANAM - Telugu Padyala Poteelu" for Telugu NRI kids to encourage them to read, write and speak Telugu language. Spandana is pleased to announce that we are organizing this event in association with TeluguOne and Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission. As part of this competition, Kids are encouraged to sing Telugu poems from either Vemana or Sumathi sathakamu and explain the meaning (tatparyamu) of it. Participants can choose to sing a sloka, keerthana or a traditional song with that to improvise their chances to win. A competition will be organized in all major cities across the world for different age groups in three rounds followed by Semi Finals and Finals. Each round will be customized based on the age group. Spandana is aiming to involve around 10,000 NRI kids across the world as part of this program during next one year. As part of this initiative, Spandana is planning to print a book exclusively with Vemana and Sumathi sathakalu and distribute copies free of cost for all these 10,000 kids.

The competition will be video recorded and clippings will be uploaded to Spandana website. Spandana Members will be awarding 25% of total marks after careful review of each participant’s performance. Spandana is forming a Selection Committee comprising of prominent individuals from Telugu movie lyric writers and play back singers. The selection committee will evaluate each kid's performance and will announce the winners at the end of each round. The results will be updated in Spandana website. In order to encourage the kids to learn all the poems from Vemana and Sumathi sathakalu, Spandana would allow all the kids to participate in all the rounds except the Finals irrespective of their performance during previous rounds. Semi Final winners will only be allowed to enter Final competition that is planned to be organized at one central location. Winners of each round in each age group will be encouraged by providing certificates from Andhra Pradesh government signed by Dr. ABK Prasad, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission.

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Contact us at if you would like to have this competition at your location.


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