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Paatalu Event Rules - Bloomington





Jan 10 – 11, 2009

Bloomington, Illinois.





1. Open to all age groups.

2. Sing Telugu songs like Folk(Janapada), Classical (Shashtriya), Devotional (Bhakthirasa), Traditional (Sampradayaka), Patriotic (Desabhakti), Light Music (Lalitha Geethalu) and any other type songs with meaningful and good lyrical values.

3. National Anthem of India and Vande Mataram are also eligible.




1. Contestants must sing one “Pallavi” and at least “Charanam” for each song. Contestants can sing entire song if they wish to but no additional time will be provided.


2. Following song Categories are accepted:

a. Folk(Janapada)

b. Classical (Shashtriya)

c. Devotional (Bhakthirasa)

d. Traditional (Sampradayaka)

e. Patriotic (Desabhakti)

f. Light Music (Lalitha Geethalu)

g. Other type songs with meaningful and good lyrical values.

h. National Anthem of India (Janaganamana)

i. Vande Mataram

j.    Other type songs with meaningful and good lyrical values (for adults only)


3. Contestants are divided into five Age groups:

a. 1st grade and below        - One Song       - Max 5 Min

b. 2nd Grade to 4th Grade   - One Song       - Max 5 Min

c. 5th Grade to 7th Grade   - Two Songs , Different categories         - Max 10 Min

d. 8th Grade to 12th Grade  - Two Songs , Different categories         - Max 10 Min

e. Adults (age 18+ yrs)      - Two Songs , Different categories         - Max 10 Min


4. No KARAOKE or musical instruments are allowed to use except for Sruthi box if required.


5. Contestants may sing the same song as another contestant.


6. Songs containing vulgar or explicit lyrics will not be allowed. Organizers reserve the right to refuse or remove song without even intimating the contestant.


7. Each participant will be allocated a date and time slot. Participants should report at the venue 15 minutes prior to their time slot. If not in time, organizers will not guarantee another chance.


8. This is not a live program. Contestants’ performance will be recorded and sent to elite judges panel to review and judge the performances and to select the TOP FIVE winners in each age group.


9. During the recording, only parents of the participants will be allowed in the recording theatre to minimize the distraction (applicable if the contestant is below 18 Yr old).


10. All participants will be given a participation certificate from Spandana Organization.


11. In each age group, top 5 will be announced and top 3 participants will be given Awards from Spandana Foundation.


12. Spandana has a right to request for viewer's rating at online and certain percentage of weightage will be given to viewers rating.


13. Spandana has right to reject any entry at any stage of the competition with no explanation.


14. Spandana has a right to keep these videos online at WWW.SPANDANA.ORG or at WWW.TELUGUONE.COM. Spandana will reserve all the rights on these videos.


15. Decisions of the judges are final. No further reviews are allowed.


16. Spandana do not bear any obligation to pay/reimburse for any expenses incurred by the contestants.


17. Results will be declared in 4 to 6 weeks after the date of the event.






Candidates must register their entries digitally using Registration Form.



The organizers of “Padyaala Thoranam – Telugu Paatalu” reserve the right to refuse any entry without giving reasons and have the right to stop any candidate’s performance at any stage of the competition.

The judges’ decisions are final. The organizers reserve the right to record and/or broadcast whole or any part of the videos of contests without royalty payments to the participants or their related parties.

The organizers will conduct the contest in a professional and civil manner. The contestants are expected to cooperate with the organizers by maintaining civility and not resorting to unruly conduct – prior to, during or after the contest.



RETURN OF RECORDINGS AND PHOTOS: All materials submitted including recordings and photos become the property of Spandana; Spandana and TeluguOne could use the performances and the information provided for promotional purposes. Recordings and photos submitted by the contestants may be returned at the conclusion of the competition, if requested by the candidate with appropriate expenses paid by the candidate.



Please contact Spandana Team if you need more information at



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