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Project Supported on 02/21/2010

Village Background

Yellareddypet is a village and a mandal headquarters in Karimnagar district. It has a population of approximately 10,000. Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) in Yellareddypet provides educational services to the local and non-local students.

School Overview


Yellareddypet ZPHS was established in 1950 and has helped in the grooming of lots of talented students every year thereafter. There are lots of people who studied in that school and are now in highly qualified positions both in India and abroad.

School originally had a very big building which was a very nice architecture . Since 1984, the school building is in a state of disrepair due to the earthquake and lack of maintenance. Considering the fact that the building had only few usable classrooms, the AP Government expanded the school by constructing few classrooms outside the existing building.Please have a look at school demographics


School Alumni and their activities

Likeminded alumni of Yellareddypet ZPHS came together and formed a group ( in 2007. The alumni group communicates the information related to the school and village developments regularly. The alumni group want to strive to make things better in their alma mater, which would intern motivate the students and teachers wanting to make the school better place of learning.

Alumni group's goal is to improve overall conditions at their alma mater in delivering quality education.  Some of the activities proposed to improve the conditions at the ZPHS are - conducting school anniversary events, arranging scholarships to meritorious and deserving students, infrastructure development, teachers' appreciation awards, etc.

So far, the Alumni have done the following activities:

Prizes for Merit Students: Distributing Prizes and Cash awards to School toppers for the past 3 years. View Pictures

Lunch Plates Distribution: Plates/Glasses are distributed to every student to make sure they can eat food during the lunch provided by government. View Pictures

Manjuvaani magazine: Released magazine which describes the school history. It also gave a chance for the teachers and students to publish very nice articles and poems.

School Anniversary: Conducted games and skits to encourage students and distributed gifts.

Gap Analysis

After consultations with Head Master of ZPHS and the local village officials, the Alumni have identified few infrastructure related projects towards improving conditions at the ZPHS. The projects are -

Toilets for girls: This seems to be a big problem as the girls have to wait in long lines for restrooms during the break. Head Master says "it is very heartening to see them wait everyday in line".

Library Improvement: There are not enough books and shelves in the library. And also the library room itself is very small and they need to move to a bigger room with few extra furniture & books.

Additional classrooms: The ZPHS does not have enough classrooms now. The students are being accommodated in make-shift sheds with aluminum sheet roofing.

Proposed Solution for Library Improvement

The main goal of the proposed project is to improve the library with more books as well as the infrastructure needed for the library. Spandana would extend its services to facilitate the implementation of this project by providing the know-how as well as helping to raise the required funds.

The current estimate for library improvement project is Rs.38,000. The project is estimated to be completed by end of May 2010. Please view the list of books for the project

High-level break-up of the project expenses are as under:


Expense Amount in Rs.

Library Infrastructure




Magazine Subscriptions ( 1 Year)


Total Expenses

38,000 INR (~850USD)



Spandana extended a contribution of 2,000 INR for this project from its funds. Rest of the money is required to be raised for this project. Spandana Vidyalaya Coordinators and Yellareddypet ZPHS Alumni would request donors and fellow alumni to support this project with generous donations to fund this project.


ZPHS Head Master: Burra Parsha Ramulu
Teacher In-charge for this project: Nalla Parashuram
School Alumni:

For any questions or additional information, please email us at

We thank all for supporting the above project.

Your support will make a difference to over 600 students realize their dreams.

Your support will provide quality schooling experience to the future of a glorious nation



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