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Dance for a Cause’ by Ina Aramandla

 Ina Aramandla has been dancing since she was 6 years old, and in the past 9 years has come to understand that dance is an enormous part of her life.


          Ina started learning Kuchipudi under the guidance of guru Smt. Sunita Pendekanti in California. Smt. Sunita Pendekanti has received the title of “Natya Mayuri” for her elegant presentation style. Smt. Sunita Pendekanti has been a great inspiration and influence in

Ina’s path to discovering her inner dancer. Ina has always looked up to Smt. Sunita Pendekanti.

After moving to Massachusetts, Ina was fortunate to be able to continue her training with guru Smt. Sailaja Tummala, an accomplished dancer who studied under Padmashree Dr. Sobha Naidu. Smt Sailaja Tummala is a post graduate in dance from Telugu University and has studied not just the art form of Kuchipudi but the science, the culture behind the ancient dance form. Under her guidance, Ina learned to appreciate the significance of dance in life and society and was able to advance her skills significantly. She anticipates that she will continue to dance throughout her life, and hopes to inspire others to do what they love as well.

Outside of dance, Ina is passionate about many things. She describes herself as a feminist and artist and believes that all human beings should be treated with respect. She believes in accepting and celebrating everyone’s differences. She is a vocal and passionate critic on the topics of injustice and inequality.

Ina has been an active volunteer with Spandana, a non-profit organization since she was 8 years old. She did a 100-mile hike/bike over the summer when she was 9, and organized bake sales at multiple Spandana events to raise funds.         

Keeping up with her guru’s motto of ‘Dance for a Cause’, she is now raising funds for ‘Pratibha’ – one of Spandana’s projects that focus on education for underprivileged kids in India.

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