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Bloomington-IL: 8th Annual Charity Cricket Tournament 2015

Bloomington-IL: 7th Annual Charity Cricket Tournament 2014

Bloomington-IL: 6th Annual Charity Tournament 2013

Florida Cricket 2013

Spanadana TCA Knockout, Bay Area - CA 2011

Bloomington - IL 2011

Bay Area, CA (2010)- Spandana TCA Knock Out

Florida-Palm Beach 2010

Bloomington- IL 2010

Bay Area, CA (2009) Men's Flood Light-Flood Relief

Bay Area, CA (2009) Women's Flood Light -Flood Relief

Spandana- TCA Women's Cricket Bay Area

Bloomington, IL (2009)

Palm Beach, FL (2009)

Bloomington, IL(2008)

Palm Beach, FL(2008)


Would you like to help the needy while playing cricket? 

Here is an opportunity.... Spandana Foundation, a non-profit organization registered both in India and USA, is planning to organize a charity cricket tournament in a few places in USA.

Spandana executes 4 social responsibility projects every year.

Pratibha : To provide basic needs for poor and meritorious students
Vidyalaya : To provide basic infrastructure for educational institutions
Cheyutha : To provide basic health care in remote villages
Aashraya : To provide basic needs in natural calamity affected areas

Spandana sponsored 600+ students in 2007-08 and 1900+ students in 2008-09
under Pratibha project back at home in India and proved that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Spandana is planning to sponsor 2000+ students in 2009-10  to prove that we can make even more difference. In order to raise the funds for this project, Spandana decided to urge people like you by organizing a charity cricket tournament for helping hand.

Usually we play cricket for fun.... for exercise.... to enjoy the game... This time let's play to make a difference back at home by sponsoring a student.

Combine the excitement of playing our most loved game
with the fulfillment of helping the needy back home!!



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