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Here is how you can too:

  • Talk to your kid about Spandana Foundation and explain how wonderful to help the poor back home in India
  • Convince your kid to ask the guests to get donations to Spandana instead of toys and cloths
  • Create an invite on your kid's Birthday and establish a gift policy.
  • Instead of gifts, request your family and friends to write checks on your name with memo "Spandana Foundation" or create a Blog with Paypal on your blog. Have a look at Srikar's blog or and Janhavi's Blog (Our volunteers can help you with setting up one for you).
  • Explain about why you would like to associate with Spandana Foundation during the event.
  • Collect all the money and send check to Spandana Foundation or Donate online
  • Verify whether your employer can match the donations you make. This would double even triple the benefit to Spandana.
  • Email to Spandana about your story

If you have any questions, please send an email to 

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