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Welcome to Spandana Foundation SF Bay Area chapter,

we can make a difference!

At the heart of our work in Spandana we take pride in building the stronger India by empowering under privileged children of rural India who needs support, encouragement and guidance. The working model of Spandana enables every individual who ever wished to help the village or school that they hail from.  We are delighted to inform you that there are many people in Blay Area Indian community have realized their dream of enriching lives of their people back home by participating in Spandana projects. This has been a source of encouragement for us to kick off the Bay Area chapter.

We sincerely urge our Bay Area Indian community to take advantage of this opportunity to help your people by participating in Spandana Prathiba , Vidyalaya , Cheyutha and Aashraya projects. At Spandana, we enable you to empower your people, your school and your village to become a part of brighter India.

Bay Area Team

If you would like to make a difference back home in India, please contact any of our Bay Area Team Contacts . We will be happy to  talk to you. We have various activities  scheduled in Bay Area to spread the word about Spandana and do fund raising. If you would like to volunteer or want your kids to be part of Youth volunteer team, please contact Sirish Aramandla

Current Events:

Will be updated soon

Past Events:

Spandana Volleyball 2013 (June 2013)

Spandana Spelling Bee 2013 (Feb 2013)

Spandana Vollyball Championship 2012 (May 19th, 2012)

Spandana Spelling Bee 2012 (February 4th, 2012)

Spandana Participation in Sevathon (July 17th, 2011)

Spandana Bay Area Volleyball Championshop 2011 (18th June 2011)

Spandana -TCA Knockout Cricket (May-July 2011)

Spandana Rotary Club Cupertino- HIO Golf

Spandana's got talent-2011

Spandana Charity Bowling Event - Dublin (2010)

Spandana Super Singer Mega Finale (2010)
Spandana Super Singer Bay Area Event (2010)
Spandana Charity Bowling Event -Livermore (2010)
Spandana Charity Bowling Event - Cupertino (2010)
Spandana TCA Kockout Cricket (2010)
San Ramon ARt & Wind Festival (2010)
Spandana Mega Movie Show- Maghadheera (2009)
Spandana TCA Men's Flood Light - Flood Relief (2009)
Spandana TCA Kockout Cricket (2009)
Spandana TCA Women's Cricket (2009)

Padyaala Thoranam (2009)



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