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Village Background

Bhyravarm is a small village located in a rural area of Nellore district. It has a population of approximately 500 people. At present Mandal Parishad School (MPPS) in Bhyravarm provides educational services for poor ST students. At present, children are attending their classes in an old hut. Concerns have been raised to the government authorities to get school building sanctioned, but usually it takes many years as we know about government process.

School Overview

Bhyravaram MPPS was established in 1970 since then it has been helping to groom lot of talented students every year . There are many people who studied in that school and are now in highly qualified positions. Recently one of our spandana volunteer visited this village and found that the poor children were attending classes in a government school without proper building. They are studying in an old hut (poori paka), which is at a very bad condition.

School is originally having reasonble building at the main village which is far away from the ST colony. Nobody from the main village is attending the school. There are 20+ students from ST colony who are likely to continue their education in the govt school itself, but parents are not interested to send them to the main village as it is too far(2Km). Teacher Ms. Padmavathi has decided to go to ST colony and run the school in an old hut(poori paka).

Please have a look at school demographics.


Proposed Solution for School Building

The proposal is to have at least a shed(10x10) in 100 sqft (with Cement sheets on the walls), so that it could be immediately done and this will help them with continuous classes even in the coming rainy season.



Expense Amount in Rs.

Cement Bricks (2000 Nos)

32000 Rs


18000 Rs

Cement (50 bags)

18000 Rs

1 Door & 2 Windows

10000 Rs

Mason & Labour

15000 Rs

10 Trucks of sand

10000 Rs

Total Expenses

103000 Rs. = 2100 USD


News & Request Letters

Sakshi News Article

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Request from Villagers

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