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West Mared Palle Govt Jr College

Vidyalaya Project -West Maredpalli Govt. college


Spandana decided to help the students in the West Mared Palle Govt Jr College, Hyderabad. Spandana is interacting closely with the principal Mr. Kulakarni and understood the detailed requirements of the college.Here are the statistics:Total students in the college: 970Total number of deserved students need help: 300Around 30 students got help from various donors after the above news. Spandana decided to help 150 deserved students for completing their education. The selection of the students is done with the help of our volunteers in Hyderabad and the college principal. Here are the basic needs identified by Spandana with coordination with the Principal.· Text Books · Notebooks · Exam Fee · Bus Pass The budget for the project is as under:


Per Student Cost (in INR) Number of Units Total Cost (in INR) Students that can benefit
Bus Pass 400 150 60000 150
Exam Fee 100 150 15000 150
Text Books (VGS/Acadamy/Vikram) 300 150 45000 300 *
Note Books (5 nos) 50 300 15000 300**
Total Cost for the Project 135000 INR = 3300 USD
* Spandana suggested the college to maintain the library of 150 sets of books donated by Spandana so that all the deserved students can use them on rotation basis.
** Spandana decided to give 4 numbers of note books to all the 300 deserved students

If you feel like to be part of the effort to help these poor students and want to make a difference in their lives, please contact Spandana coordinator in your area  or contact Rajendra at .  You can donate directly through Pay Pal (Using your Credit Card/Debit Card/Pay Pal Account)

Alternatively you can send cheques to

Nageswar Rao

5585 Cochran St, Apt#195

Simi Valley, CA 93063

Ph: 561-319-6359 (M)


September 30, 2007 Spandana got overwhelming response from all circles that are contacted for this project. Lot of donors came forward and contributed to support the girls back in India. Here is the list of people who have generously contributed for this project.

Total Budget for the project 3300 USD
Name of the donor Amount Balance
Spandana Foundation 1300 2000
Narendra Paladugu 200 1800
Sekhar Madduri 100 1700
Srinivas Garapati 250 1450
Ganesh 200 1250
Ravi Telluri 100 1150
Dhurga Shyam Garikipati 100 1050
Butchi Nomula 60 990
Surendra Appalaneni 200 790
Rama Kalakonda 20 770
Srinivasa Reddy Poondru 100 670
Senthil Palaniswamy 100 570
Apparao Guntu 300 270
Madhu Pulivarthy 100 170
Nicklesh Madoori 25 145
Krishna Venugopal 25 120
Murali Chowdary Sunkara 120 0
Total Donations for the project 300 0

Spandana would like to thank one and all of the donors who are involved in this project. We got excellent response and support form various people. It gives Spandana a great moral support to execute such projects in future.

Spandana already initiated the process to help the needy students in West Mared Palli College.

  • 150 sets of text books have been dispatched

  • 1500 Note books have been dispatched ( 5 for each student)

The immediate next steps in this project:

  • Paying exam fee to the selected 150 students.

  • Bus pass for 2 quarters for 150 students.

Please spread this word to your colleagues and friends to Make a Difference in Lives of deserved students to encourage people to join Spandana's initiatives.


The project is been completed by Spandana successfully with the help of lot of donors. The response for this news is over whelming and encouraging. The news is been covered in Eandu news paper on 23rde October 2007.

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Eenadu : Spandana Vidyalaya WMaredPalle News


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