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Basic Infrastructure for 500 students in Z.P. Girls High School , Nellore

Appeal to the donors: June 2007

Paving the way for a nation's glorious future,
by strengthening the backbones of it's schooling infrastructure!

Spandana foundation is seeking donations for providing basic infrastructure to 500 girl students in government Z.P. Girls High School, Dargamitta, Nellore under VIDYALAYA project. As part of this project , Spandana is planning to tank corporation water connection and construct permanent water tank to provide the protected drinking water to all the students.

School: Govt. Z.P. Girls High School

Even though Z.P. Girls High School located in district head quarters (Nellore) , it doesn’t have the basic facilities like protected drinking water, rest rooms, chairs and library. This is one of the biggest schools in the district; it has got strength of 500+ girls’ students. As part of this VIDYALAYA project, vidyalaya team decided to provide protected water tank with corporate water connection so that it will last forever. This project not only benefits 500 students who are studying now, but also thousands of students who are going to study in this school in future.



Yearly expense (Rs)

Construction expenses

21,000 Rs


21,000 Rs = 525 USD


Please contact Nageswararao Nidamanuru (Spandana Foundation) at 561-319-6359, if you have any questions regarding this project.


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