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Spandana Foundation has been supporting several orphanage/old age/HIV positive/Kids with special needs homes in India for past 12 years. Apart from these, we have our own Spandana Digi school and we also issue merit scholarships to number of college students. We have been supporting these initiatives using the funds raised thru different fundraisers like Sports tournaments, Cultural events, Art competitions, Spelling Bees and many more variety of events organized across all major cities in USA. 

Maintenance cost of these initiatives have tripled in last 5 years and day by day it's getting tough for the foundation to support these initiatives from the reserve fund. Hence we are requesting our community members to come forward and give us a helping hand by adopting a needy by contributing some portion of expenses. We were able to help thousands of needy people with your support and encouragement for past 12 years. Spandana Foundation is very happy to announce $ADAY project to support these deserving needy people. With your generous contribution of just dollar a day ($30 per month), we can assure continued support to these underprivileged and very deserving needy people back at home.

Below are details of some of our initiatives:  

  1. Spandana Merit Scholarship (SMS) to college students
  2. Sai Seva Orphanage home, Hanmakonda, Warangal - 150 orphan kids
  3. Spandana Digi School, Hanmakonda, Warangal - 345 kids
  4. New Life Society for HIV positive kids, Hanmakodana, Warangal - 60 kids
  5. Spandana orphanage home for HIV positive kids, Karimnagar - 15 kids
  6. Sadguru old age home, Chittore - 100 senior citizens
  7. Velugu home, Madanapalle, Chittore - 250 kids with special needs
  8. Spandana Old Age home, Hyderabad - 25 senior citizens
  9. Spandana MR Home for kids with special needs

Donate $30 per month ($aday) to support a needy! Choose your favorite cause: 

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